Celulose Irani unveils various PM plans

Celulose Irani unveils various PM plans

Packaging producer, Celulose Irani, has announced plans to build a new corrugating materials PM at the company’s mill in Santa Catarina state. The new Voith Paper machine will produce 200 tons/day of kraftliner, testliner and fluting. Celulose Irani aims to start up the 2.5 m wide machine in the first quarter of 2001.

The company has drawn up a $25 million investment plan which includes a new 3,000 ton/month box plant. The box plant will source its supplies from the new PM. Both units are due to start up at the same time. Germany’s Klett has been chosen to supply the new box plant. But Celulose Irani has yet another project to complete before the company can turn its attention to next year’s capital investment. The Brazilian producer is spending $3.5 million on a rebuild of PM 1 at the Santa Catarina mill. The upgrade is aimed at extending the machine’s product range, as well as boosting capacity. At the moment, PM 1 produces 80 tons/ day of sack kraft paper and linerboard. Following the rebuild, Celulose Irani will also be able to produce extensible sack paper on the machine. Voith Paper is the main supplier for the project which will include the installation of a MasterJet headbox, an extensible clupak unit, an upgrade of the drying section and a new approach flow system.

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